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Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk

Dlinza Forest Boardwalk

The boardwalk extends some 127 metres and is perched 10 metres above the forest floor. It culminates in a steel viewing platform, which is a breath-taking 20 metres high, giving visitors a panoramic view of the fauna and flora that is found so abundantly.

Dlinza, 250-hectares of incredibly beautiful forest bisected by numerous walking trails and a 10-metre high aerial boardwalk, is extremely popular with bird lovers, has good picnic facilities, and is particularly special considering the urban environment in which the forest exists.

But really it is the butterflies that take centre stage, particularly in Autumn when 70 or so recorded species that include the mocker swallowtail (Papilio dardanus), mother of pearl and the gaudy commodore, take to the air and provide a lightness and dash of colour to Dlinza that is hard to beat.

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